A data warehouse combined with a customizable expert system to:

  • provide full traceability and monitoring of POCT material

  • track and document the validation of reagent and control solution lots

  • allow the broadcasting of information and alerts, with read receipts, on all the POCT material

  • audit POCT devices directly in the care units by means of a tablet or a smartphone, and send result reports to the care unit managers

  • allow the evaluation of POCT devices, independently from the measurement methodology, and according to the usage context.

The solution is provided in the form of a SaaS with a monthly subscription fee and no upfront payments. The return of investment will be evident already in the early months of usage.

GlySt@t is provided in three offers:

  • GlySt@t Vigil – a dashboard of all the POCT material and broadcast/alert system.

  • GlySt@t Audit – same as GlySt@t Vigil with in addition the audit functionality.

  • GlySt@t Audit Plus – same as GlySt@t Audit with audits performed by external personnel.